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Rescue Force is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization primarily focused on continuing development of our mobile app to assist in all aspects of animal rescue. Our app can be used by individuals and organizations anywhere in the world to assist in every rescue scenario ranging from a lost pet to large scale animal evacuations & rescue.

Rescue Scenarios

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What’s presently available.

Alert System – Instantly find volunteers for help with:

  • Missing & Found Animals
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Fostering
  • Transport
  • Evacuations
  • Strays
  • Wild Animal Rescue


Rescue Command – Assists organizations in large scale rescue by providing:

  • Location of alerts on map.
  • Location of volunteers on map.
  • Instant communication with volunteers.
  • Instant communication with other organizations.
  • Tracking of assets.
  • Tracking of threats.
  • Remote Alerts


What’s yet to be developed.

Peep  – Assists organizations with personnel by providing:

  • Instant notifications to staff and volunteers.
  • Categorization by location, team, qualifications, etc.
  • Record keeping of qualification & training records.
  • Volunteer engagement & retention.
  • Increased exposure.


Transport – Increases the efficiency of transport by:

  • Increasing the number of animals on currently available transports.
  • Increasing transport resources such as truck drivers, personal travelers, RVers, pilots, etc.
  • Creating a single source for all ground, air, and water transports.
  • Integrating with map services such as Google Maps to notify travelers of available transports.


Management System – Streamlines animal rescue operations by:

  • Organizing and tracking volunteer records and training status.
  • Maintaining animal records that can be easily transferred.
  • Recording of responsible party for all animals to track location.
  • Preloading emergency/evacuation plans.
  • Facilitating social media posts.
  • Maintaining a record of donations for specific animals.
  • Saving administration time to increase time available for rescue.


Development & Fundraising Goals

We have an initial development timeline of 17 months to complete all the core features, but we will continue development indefinitely to make the app more efficient and provide more features to the animal rescue community. Based on our expected development cost and the impact the project will have on animal rescue, we expect it to cost mere pennies for each animal saved.


For a more detailed explanation of the app’s features and our goals as a nonprofit, please view our 14 page development plan.

Development Plan