What is Rescue Force?

Rescue Force is a community volunteer resource to help animals in need, available on mobile and the web.

Who is Rescue Force?

YOU ARE! Rescue Force is all of us willing to volunteer time, skills, and resources to help animals in need.

How to join Rescue Force?

You sign up on our mobile app or website, create a profile for you and your animals, add your skills and resources, and start receiving notifications when people in your area request help for their animals.

When someone requests help, the app will notify the volunteers in their area. If the request requires people with specific qualifications, skills, or resources, then the alerts are only sent to those people. For example, if large animals need to be transported,then only those volunteers who have stated they have trucks and/or trailers will receive the alerts. When a volunteer accepts the request, both parts immediately get in touch via chat to discuss details.

How much does Rescue Force cost?

This project is 100% donation funded. We believe there should be no cost of any kind to request or give help. We expect volunteers to cover their own costs if they respond to a request. There should never be any expectation of payment. No one should ever benefit off of the misfortune of others.

Will more features be added?

Absolutely! The current apps are just a fraction of what we envision. Here are just a few of the additional features we would like to add to our app.

  1. We have a Rescue Command function available to organizations to use during disasters and we want to expand this greatly. This function allows an incident commander to see all requests for help and volunteers on a single page and can direct volunteers more efficiently. We want to expand its capabilities greatly so as to provide more resources to the organizations that will use it.
  2. We have the ability to alert certified wildlife rescuers, but we also would like to have an information catalog for volunteers to avoid unwanted interference with normal wildlife situations.
  3. We would like to integrate with microchip numbers.
  4. We would like to integrate with collar tracking systems.
  5. We would like to create our own collar tracking system that can interact with any phone on which the app is installed. This way, if your pet is lost, then every phone with the app is actively searching for your pets tracker and we can create an electronic net to find lost pets and return them to the safety of their homes quickly.
  6. We would like to have a “Rescue Team” function so that groups of people can respond to requests together. This allows for a small group to have a much wider range of qualifications, skills, and resources than that of a single individual.
  7. We would like to create predefined rescue plans that allow people and organizations with large numbers of animals to preload all their animals and have specific resource requests available to them at the touch of a button. A single button that says “Implement Evacuation Plan A” would immediately contact dozens of people with the resources to evacuate all the animals to a predefined emergency host facility.
  8. We would like to create a feature that allows volunteers to mark the locations the stranded animals during disasters so the larger animal rescue organizations can easily find and help those animals.
  9. would like to be integrated with emergency services in the future and give them resources to find qualified people who can help in an emergency.
  10. We would like to develop the apps in as many languages as possible so the app can be used everywhere in the world.

When do you expect development to be complete?

Never. We want to continually add features and functionality to the apps to make rescuing animals easier, more efficient, and safer.

If you receive more donations than is needed to continue the development of the apps, for what purpose will that extra money be used?

  1. Open our own animal sanctuaries and directly support other sanctuaries and rescues.
  2. Purchase vehicles and equipment to allow us to directly engage in animal rescue.
  3. Develop “Resource Shares” that allow volunteers, animal rescues, and sanctuaries to have access to resources they couldn’t otherwise afford alone.
  4. Develop our own pet tracking products.
  5. our own rescue gear.
  6. Hire people to actively engage in animal rescue.

How much are your officers paid?

$0. In fact, this project has been almost entirely funded by the life’s savings and personal loans of our director. He sold his condo,and put his entire life’s savings into this project so that everyone can have the resources to rescue animals or have access to an army of volunteers to help their animals if the need arises. We will have paid positions in the future, but the continued development of the app is the priority

Will any individuals or other organizations be prevented or restricted in anyway from using the app?

Our position is that if any person or organization is helping animals, then they will be allowed to use the app. Even organizations that may have wronged us in the past will still receive full, unrestricted access. The animals come first.Having said that, if an individual or organization is found to be using the app to harm animals in anyway, they will be banned from using the app and targeted for legal action.

For what kinds of scenarios can the app be used?

Imagine being the director of a sanctuary with dozens of animals and you get the call to evacuate due to fire. You have one truck and trailer and you can’t possibly evacuate them all in time. You call your emergency contact list of other rescues and sanctuaries in your area, but they are also evacuating and in the same position you are. There are hundreds of people in your area who are willing to volunteer, but you don’t know how to reach out to them for help. The Rescue Force mobile apps will allow you to send alerts to your own Rescue Force.

You are walking your dog in the city and the sounds spook her and she runs off. You are surrounded by thousands of people who are willing to help you look for your dog, but you have no way to make them aware of your lost dog. The Rescue Force mobile apps will allow you to send alerts to your own Rescue Force.

You are hiking with your large dog when they become injured. You can’t carry them and there is no one around to help you. There are people nearby you can help but you don’t know how to reach them. The Rescue Force mobile apps will allow you to send alerts to your own Rescue Force.

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